Addiction & Trauma: A Psychodramatic Approach. 1 Module

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Psychodrama has proven to be effective in working with trauma & addiction. Dr. Scott describes why it is important to treat both simultaneously in this course and teaches the basics of how to apply it in your practice. For those who work with trauma and addiction: psychodramatists, psychologists, mental health professionals working with substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, therapists, and social workers. The course might be interesting for those who are in recovery or aiming towards recovery.

Participants will be able:
  • Study the newest research and statistics on trauma & addiction;
  • Witness the psychodramatic vignette with a client establishing strengths to address trauma & addiction in the future;
  • Understand the reasons for addressing trauma & addiction simultaneously;
  • Learn the basics of utilizing psychodrama in work with trauma & addiction;
  • Be able to introduce action methods to clients;
  • Be able to incorporate psychodrama into practice;

Course includes: 

  • Video lecture with a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Video lecture and interview. 

  • Practical video Demonstration.

  • Video Demonstration Processing. 

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