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The body dialogue action structure can be used in both individual and group settings. It provides clinical and non-clinical support for aging, body image, eating, self-harm, and substance use disorders. 

For: psychodramatists, psychologists, mental health professionals working with eating disorders, therapists, and social workers. The course also provides help with self-exploration for trauma survivors, wanting to rebuild the broken connection with the body. 

Participants will be able to:

·         Identify the problem related to the body or create the contract with the protagonist(the work that needs to be done).

·         Learn the most effective techniques that work with this action structure.

·         Create a correct and safe environment for the protagonist to work on the broken bond between Self and Body.

·         Identify the original problem(how the bond was broken).

·         Direct a protagonist through their Body Dialogue.



Course includes: 

  • Video lecture.

  • Practical video Demonstration.

  • Reading materials. 



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