About us

There is a famous psychodrama quote “Don’t tell me, show me.” When I did my research on psychodrama online, I could only find a couple of videos on YouTube and many pictures of “crazy old people playing.” I thought that psychodrama is the most visual method you can imagine, and it is not shown anywhere but these pictures.

I also thought of the students spending thousands upon thousands of dollars traveling to the trainers they want to learn from. Taking any workshop in the US turns into at least $ 1500 (training fees, flight, hotel, car or taxi, and restaurants) for just 15-20 training hours. Each psychodrama student in the US has spent tens of thousands of dollars to get trained. How about Indian, Russian, Chinese and other international students who want to learn from American trainers?

The dream of taking a tour abroad and getting trained by a famous foreign trainer stays a dream.

These findings directed me to create this new opportunity. I thought it was a sign for me. Remembering the lesson of that famous quote, I have to show it. We are first to demonstrate action methods education online with prerecorded, quality videos. To make the dream true we partnered with international, world known trainers certified by country boards.

I created:

  • A possibility for everyone to see the method with quality videos, with many of them offered for free on YouTube.
  • Certified trainings that are absolutely affordable at $13-40 USD per hour. I know time is valuable, and so our training provides the main essence of the topic and is very concentrated on your educational goal.
  • Accessibility to International trainers you have heard of but could never afford.

We are the first to make it possible for you to learn Psychodrama and other Action methods online with high quality, pre-recorded videos with the best international trainers. All in one place.

What does that mean for your education? You get to learn:

  • At your own pace.
  • From anywhere in the world.
  • With access to the material at any convenient time, unlike the inflexible trainings done in person.
  • From the best international trainers.
  • With high-quality pre-recorded videos.
  • Affordably!