Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) Psychodrama: Theory & Practice with Trauma. How TSM Works. Foundations and Expansions.

Module 4. Safety Structures

Module 4 of 11 in foundation course on TSM. Students may purchase one separate module or the whole course of 11 modules with a bundle discount. For: psychodramatists, psychologists, mental health professionals working with trauma, therapists, and social workers.

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Created by Dr. Kate Hudgins , Mario Cossa Last updated Wed, 30-Mar-2022 English
Participants will be able:
  • Describe six, Action Safety Structures of TSM.
  • Help to identify strengths.
  • Direct a group or an individual in creating a Circle of Strengths, and in using Locograms and Spectrograms to explore and build connections.
  • Direct a group or an individual to work on an Art of Integration Project.
  • Direct a group or an individual to establishing the role of Observing Ego.
  • Direct a live or ZOOM group to use the Step-in Sociometry structure, and the Hand on Shoulder structure.

Curriculum for this module
17 Lessons 05:30:12 Hours
Step 1.
1 Lessons 00:24:39 Hours
  • Video 1. Lecture. 00:24:39
  • Directing Spectrograms and Locograms 00:04:00
  • Containment: The Key to Safety with Action Methods for Trauma 00:13:00
  • Break 00:14:00
  • Video 2. Lecture. 00:27:48
  • Break 00:10:00
  • Video 3. Observing Ego, Circle of Strengths, Spectrograms and Locograms. Demonstration. Group. 00:39:21
  • Break 00:10:00
  • Practicum 00:30:00
  • Practicum 00:30:00
  • Break 00:10:00
  • Video 4. Hand on Shoulder, Step in Sociomenty. Demonstration. Group. 00:28:50
  • Practicum 00:30:00
  • Video 5. Project of Integration. Demonstration. 00:18:34
  • Break 00:10:00
  • Practicum 00:30:00
  • Test Safety Structures 00:00:00
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Video lecture on:

-TSM Safety Structures;

-Observing Ego;

-Compassionate Witness;

-Circle of Strengths;

-Interpersonal/Transpersonal Strength;

-Locograms and Spectrograms; 

-TSIRA categories;

-Hands on Shoulders;

-Step-in Sociometry;

-Art of Integration.

Video demonstration on:

-Observing Ego, Circle of Strengths, Spectrograms and Locograms.

-Hand on Shoulder, Step in Sociomenty.

-Project of Integration.

Reading materials:

-Directing Spectrograms and Locograms.

-Containment: The Key to Safety with Action Methods for Trauma.

The module presents how to build up safety in the group or in individual work using six action structures that might fit any clinical or non-clinical issues. Six structures aim to build up the strengths to prepare for further trauma work (or other personal material). 

Module includes: 


· Video lectures - 53 min

· Practical video Demonstration - 88 min

· Handouts - 17 min 

- Practicum - 120 min 

- Breaks - 54 min

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Mario Cossa RDT/MT, TEP, TSM Trainer – founder and Director of Motivational Arts Unlimited, and recipient of the ASGPP Innovator’s Award, 2019. Mario brings decades of experience as a group facilitator and psychodrama director and has worked in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and China.

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