Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) Psychodrama: Theory & Practice with Trauma. How the Therapeutic Spiral Model Works? Foundations and Expansions.

Module 6. Role Reversal with Strengths

Module 6 of 11 in the foundation course on TSM. Students may purchase one separate module or the whole course of 11 modules with a bundle discount. For: psychodramatists, psychologists, mental health professionals working with trauma, therapists, and social workers.

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Created by Dr. Kate Hudgins Last updated Tue, 25-Jan-2022 English
Participants will be able:
  • Help a protagonist to pick up the Strengths roles they need;
  • Learn about clinical contract;
  • Learn how to direct simultaneous protagonists;
  • Direct Role Reversal with Strengths;
  • Distinguish Post Traumatic growth roles and direct Role reversal with them.

Curriculum for this module
14 Lessons 03:30:00 Hours
Recommended videos
3 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Healing Trauma with the Therapeutic Spiral Model. Interview with Dr. Hudgins. Part 1 of 3. 00:00:00
  • Healing Trauma with the Therapeutic Spiral Model. Interview with Dr. Hudgins. Part 2 of 3. 00:00:00
  • Healing Trauma with the Therapeutic Spiral Model. Interview with Dr. Hudgins. Part 3 of 3. 00:00:00
  • Article PTSD Unites the World 2017 00:41:00
  • Article Psychodrama Revisited 2019 00:21:00
  • Chapter 3 Evolution of TSM 00:51:00
  • Handout. Role Reversal with a Supportive Figure. 00:03:00
  • Break 00:10:00
  • Video 1. Lecture. 00:06:00
  • Video 2. Demonstration. Scene 1. 00:22:00
  • Break. 00:03:00
  • Video 3. Demonstration. Scene 2. 00:23:00
  • Practicum. 00:30:00
  • Test. Module 6. Role Reversal with Strengths. 00:00:00
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What needs to be done prior to starting Trauma work? A protagonist must fully tap into their Strengths. How can they do it? Nothing works better than Role Reversal with Strengths.  Dr. Kate describes why TSM Role Reversal with Strengths is so effective in working with trauma. 

Additionally, the module sheds light on how to deal with anxiety from tele-health technical difficulties. While recording this module, without expectations, our protagonist had technical issues, and this increased the anxiety. Dr. Kate demonstrated not only how to deal with it, but then also navigated the protagonist through Role Reversal with Strengths to the Post-Traumatic Growth role.  

Module includes: 


· Video lectures - 6 min

· Practical video Demonstration - 43 min

· Handouts - 116 min 

- Practicum - 30 min 

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Dr. Kate Hudgins is PhD, TEP, an inspirational leader and a stellar trainer known worldwide for her innovative model of safe and effective trauma treatment. International expert and author on trauma, Kate brings rigorous clinical training in psychology, psychodrama, and experiential psychotherapy as well as cross-cultural and indigenous learning and her own life experience.

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